1. Mutual exclusion. 必要不充分

Only one process may use a resource at a time. No process may access a resource unit that has been
allocated to another process. (抢同一个碗)

2. Hold and wait. 必要不充分

A process may hold allocated resources while awaiting assignment of other resources. (有人吃着碗里的,望着锅里的)

3. No preemption. 必要不充分

No resource can be forcibly removed from a process holding it. (无法从一个人手里抢过碗,强制分配给别人)

4. Circular wait. 必要不充分

A closed chain of processes exists, such that each process holds at least one resource needed by the next
process in the chain. (有人吃着碗里的,望着别人碗里的,恰巧那个人也望着这个人碗里的)


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